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Money Blessing

Lord, please bless me with a money miracle today. I am homeless with no money. Please put people in …

- N, US Minor Outlying Islands

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Purchase of a Residential Unit

We have sold our residential home and request prayers for finding a suitable unit/duplex/townhouse …

- S, Australia

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Financial help for my Daughter

Please pray for my children for financial help this year. My youngest daughter (a single mom) is …

- A, South Africa

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I’ve had a nasty virus for the last 10 days. It doesn’t appear to be COVID; the test for COVID is …

- R, New Zealand

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Freedom from Bondage

I have tried for 28 years to stop smoking, up to 60 times. I believe it will happen on 7 March …

- S, Australia

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Prayer For All Areas of my Life

Please pray for my finances, health, job situation, my troubles, burdens, worries, reconciliation, …

- R, United Kingdom

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Lord please bless me with my money settlement today. I need this money to get me a place to live. I …

- N, US Minor Outlying Islands

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Healing my Brother’s Alzheimer’s

Requesting your prayers for the healing of my brother. He has Alzheimer’s dementia. He is 57 yrs …

- G, Philippines

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Growth, Relationships, Healing of Emotional Trauma

Hello family,

I am in need of intercessor prayer as I’m struggling against my mind and my …

- C, Australia

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I’ve suffered from fear and anxiety my whole life. I haven’t seen my two sons in five years. To do …

- L, Australia

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God, please give me wisdom and the right discernment to make the correct decisions. In Jesus’ name …

- P, South Africa

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I have a final exam tommorow and I just want got to bless me with a 75 percent thanks so much.

- G, United States

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Hi. I’m struggling to accept JESUS forgiveness & with repentance. I hate my sin, I want …

- D, Australia

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I need peace in my life.

Hi There,
Please I would like you to say a word of prayer for me. My life has been full of chaos …

- V, Australia

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Prayer Request from “D”

Glory be to God,

Some concerning changes have been detected in the veins of my pelvis and hips. …

- D, Poland

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My Daughter

Please pray for my daughter unspoken 😭

- M, United States

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Medical School

Please pray for my daughter who is having a hard time in Medical school.

- M, United States

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Anxiety and Depression

Heavenly Father, please heal my depression and all the physical symptoms of anxiety. You have been …

- T, United States

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Restore my husband’s vision

Please pray for Our Heavenly Father In The Name of Jesus and In The Blood Of Jesus to restore my …

- C, United States

9 πŸ™ 1 πŸ“


Please pray for God’s guidance and favour to secure and deliver good work and for financial …

- M, South Africa

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Freedom from Lust

Hi there,

I’ve been married for a year and have a baby on the way.

Recently, I’ve been …

- S, New Zealand

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My Boyfriend’s Bad Habits

Prayer for my boyfriend, Tobi, to stop smoking and cut off bad friends or friends that do not …

- N, United Kingdom

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Final Heart Operation

Pray for L. She has a heart operation this Wednesday. She is young and has previously had a heart …

- J, New Zealand

9 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

Prayer for the Approval of my Work and Conditional

Please pray for me as I go through the process of my work permit and conditional permit. I pray the …

- C, Virgin Islands, British

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Wedding location :) is already ours!!

We recently got engaged πŸ’ over Christmas, and I am so, so excited. We are off to look at a …

- K, United Kingdom

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Prayer for Healing for Wife

Healing for M’s wife after severe stroke. In ICU for 9 days, praying for full recovery

- M, Australia

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Recovery and Energy to Get to the Dentist Etc

If you could bless me with a quick moment of prayer, I would really, really appreciate it. Been …

- L, United Kingdom

9 πŸ™ 3 πŸ“

A Co-Worker

Lord, I need you to answer my prayer request today. A co-worker has threatened to tell lies on me …

- N, US Minor Outlying Islands

9 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

My Son’s Healing

My son has had eczema since he was 3 months old. It has been almost a year now, and it still flares …

- S, Kenya

9 πŸ™ 3 πŸ“

Cancer? In lung and stomach

Please pray that I get an early appointment to see specialist in StVincents Private Hospital in …

- L, Australia

9 πŸ™ 3 πŸ“


I pray that I may meet someone to share my life. Give me the confidence to talk to others and be …

- P, United Kingdom

9 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“


Lord please protect me and watch over me at Transistional Shelter. Lord, I am at this facility to …

- N, US Minor Outlying Islands

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Deliverance From Masturbation

I am a 22-year-old young man. I have struggled with masturbating since 2018 and request that you …

- M, Malawi

10 πŸ™ 1 πŸ“

My Heart

I have watched Berni’s Boundaries around our Heart. Since starting a new job, which is what I …

- C, Australia

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

Deliverance from Evil

Please pray for me, my family, friends, and neighbors. I am under attack from an evil individual …

- J, United Kingdom

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

I’ve Been Struggling with Some Sin

I need my faith renewed. I don’t want to mess around with any sin in my life. I do struggle to ask …

- R, United Kingdom

10 πŸ™ 3 πŸ“

The mind of Christ

Please pray that I may have the mind of Christ with the struggle I am currently going …

- R, Australia

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

Troubled Teenager

My grandchild in Ganada has become very withdrawn and aggressive! He left school and spends all his …

- H, South Africa

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Heavenly Father my husband , daughter and l his mother are facing the biggest adversity our son …

- D, Australia

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

Health and Finance

I have bad teeth, and I can’t get dental treatment because I can’t afford it. Also, facing …

- D, Philippines

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

I’m Trusting God for a Highly Paying Job

I’m believing God to give me a job soon, before the end of January. Kindly join me in prayers of …

- A, Kenya

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Pray for Me

1. A deep, meaningful relationship with God.
2. Success in my business.
3. Peace, joy, beauty, …

- B, Uganda

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Salvation And Healing

Please pray for my children and their spouses, and children:

– Luke, Bianca, Cooper, Stella, and …

- L, Australia

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“

Please Pray With Me

Asking my Christian brothers and sisters to come alongside me in praying for healing for Shelley, …

- R, United States

10 πŸ™ 2 πŸ“


I have been struggling with lust and addiction for too long. I need help to get out of it, and I …

- T, New Zealand

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Mother/Son relationship

My son N, 16 years old, is facing father abandonment, heartbreak, and high school trials and …

- M, New Zealand

10 πŸ™ 1 πŸ“

Healing for my Husband

Please pray for my husband, P. Prayer for healing from prostate cancer. Also, pray for the …

- D, Australia

10 πŸ™ 3 πŸ“


I have been trying so hard to get through my tough times. There is no breakthrough yet, my bills …

- P, Kenya

10 πŸ™ 4 πŸ“

My Wife R

Please pray for T and R. R’s health has been very bad for several years now, and they have asked us …

- T, Australia

Christianityworks needs your prayers too! Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest. View this month's Prayer Focus
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Anxiety Overload

I have always struggled with anxiety and now have an expensive, practical issue that I need to get …

- A, United Kingdom

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