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My Loved Ones Salvation

Please pray with me that God continues His work in my loved ones and that they come to know Jesus …

- R, United States

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Quit Smoking

Please pray for strength to resist temptation as I give up cigarettes.

- R, Australia

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To Be Able to Have Children

My wife and I have succumbed to many health (including reproductive) and financial issues. We’ve …

- A, Australia

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God’s Direction

Please kindly pray into my future plans to be in line with God’s purpose to help the needy and to …

- A, Australia

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Prayer For a New Car

Would love prayer for a new car for our family of 7 as our car is on its last legs. We don’t want …

- K, Australia

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Family Health.

Pray God helps my marriage go well and me and my wife can love each other and not be mad at each …

- J, Australia

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Please Pray for My Girl πŸ™

My adult daughter Natalie has struggled through life. She hasn’t had proper housing for over 12 …

- T, Australia

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Gods Guidance

Please pray for my father who is seriously ill & can’t have any medical intervention as it’s …

- V, Australia

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Deciding What To Study

In the throes of deciding on a course of study to secure future employment prospects and financial …

- F, Australia

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Future Wealth

If it’s God’s will or if it’s biblical for a Christian to enjoy wealth, I’d like to get a luxurious …

- D, Australia

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Hearts Desires

Please pray that God opens the doors so I can do the desires upon my heart.

- G, Australia

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New Jobs

We started our own company last year and we need to be awarded new jobs to be able to keep going.

- R, United States

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A Difficult Colleague

Please pray for God’s strength and courage and resilience. Help with dealing with a difficult …

- Y, Australia

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Healing for my Husband

I’m asking for prayers for my husband’s healing. He has gastrointestinal issues that have led to …

- S, United States

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God’s Plan as in Mandurah

Please pray for Yoella & myself as we travel back to Mandurah from Geraldton today. That we may …

- R, Australia

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Sponsoring a Family

I am personally praying for and sponsoring a family who are without means, having escaped. Many …

- D, New Zealand

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I need the love of God in my heart. To live life following the path that Jesus leads. Help me pray …

- D, Kenya

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Please Pray for Me

I NEED PRAYER FOR a job, schooling, C.I.R.I. corporation, and BBNC corporation for a job, and …

- M, Australia

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My Daughter’s Marriage

Please pray for my daughter’s marriage and healing from emotional trauma from her father.
Please …

- D, Australia

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Healing for Gerald

My dear friend and brother in Christ, Gerald got into a severe road accident which caused his head …

- J, Philippines

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Closer to God

Prayer for me that I get closer to God. I want to get closer to God and I feel so stuck where I’m …

- A, United States

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Guidance post-lockdown

I would appreciate your prayers for guidance, wisdom and inspiration as I lead a church into a new …

- P, Australia

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For my Daughter, Lyndal

My daughter was widowed 15 years ago after brief marriage of 5 months. Raising her son who was born …

- J, Australia

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Husband’s Healing

My husband was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of his bladder and abdominal wall on 2/24/22. He …

- D, United States

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Salvation for Famous Singer

Pray that Guy S will accept Jesus as his Lord and saviour if he hasn’t already. And that he’ll …

- D, Australia

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Pray for me children of the most high God.
I need a good job and a good working environment.

- M, Zambia

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Marriage & finance

My husband cheated on me with his ex. They drink a lot. Take me for a fool? Can God bring all that …

- G, Namibia

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Pray for my Dad

Please pray for my dad (Raymond) it’s been many years now since he attended Church, I want my dad …

- V, India

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Please pray for Wisdom:
– With work relationships.
– With personal/family relationships esp …

- N, Australia

Christianityworks needs your prayers too! Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest. View this month's Prayer Focus
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Discernment in Decision

The Lord is leading me to start a new business. I am committing the business to the Lord and need …

- P, South Africa

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Pray With Me For a Friend

I send brief messages to a friend of mine, David, giving short stories about God in my life, or …

- V, United Kingdom

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My Husband’s Faith and a Job

My husband was brought up in a Christian home with an alcoholic father. Even though he was saved …

- E, United States

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Holy Spirit

I pray for The Lord to fill me with The Holy Spirit to transform my life and live the life my …

- K, United Kingdom

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A Peaceful Safe Environment

Please pray to help me escape an abusive, unsafe and noisy living environment and quickly obtain a …

- B, Australia

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Work Related, Financial, Loosing All Staff

Please pray for understanding in this very uncertain time at work. I have had a business for 18 …

- C, Zimbabwe

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Forced Out Of My Job

Hi, This week has been challenging, I am being forced out of my job without legitimate cause, and …

- J

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Supernatural healing & favor

Please pray for my brother in Christ George that God will supernaturally heal through his body and …

- M, United States

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Please pray for me I’m depressed, self-pitying, tearful and angry. I don’t like feeling this way. …

- C, United States

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I am 28 years old, and I still bed wet. Pray that the Lord will put a stop to it.

- A, Nigeria

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Self Worth

Hi, as a survivor of an abusive relationship I am now struggling with feelings of being worthless …

- A, New Zealand

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They Stole My Life

Good day trust you are well.

I just need some prayers for my finances. A family of mine was in …

- A, South Africa

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Urgent Family Prayers

Please pray and come to an agreement that God blesses me with a job that I could take the feet of …

- E, United States

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We have made an offer to purchase a home in Mundaring. We request that we would have divine …

- A, Australia

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Nursing Abroad

Kindly pray that I get a nursing job abroad. I’ve been trying hard to clear exams and nothing has …

- G, India

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Patience Waiting and Patience Moving Forward.

I am very impatient waiting for God.
I am slow to take up direction when it becomes obvious what I …

- B, Australia

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Desire to be a Mother

Praying for my daughter Janel for a deepen faith in God through her prayer intention for having a …

- J, Australia

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To Pass the Training Course and Protection

Good morning,

I would like to request a prayer for protection while driving the work vehicle to …

- S, South Africa

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For Mother, Healing, Forgiveness, Adaptation

My 85yr old mom is battling to adapt to relocating to a new home with me, she is struggling with …

- V, South Africa

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My Family

God’s wisdom for my husband and children’s future. So they walk in His guidance and love.

- Y, Australia

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Good day,
I am unemployed for almost 2 years now and have a mother of 80 years old to care for. I …

- C, South Africa

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