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I’m Emotionally Mentally Scared

Added 4 months ago

I haven’t been physically or mentally right in my head since the pandemic. I’m stranded and lost in the wilderness, desperately trying to flee from these sheep in wolves’ clothing. I “TRUST NO ONE” and “HATE PEOPLE.” Let me explain why: I’ve been emotionally, physically, verbally, mentally, and spiritually abused. I’ve been consistently lied to and taken advantage of on a regular basis. The way these sheep in wolves’ clothing have passed judgment on me, disrespecting my name, character, and reputation. According to them, I’m just pure evil, a heathen, the devil himself. I’m the biggest criminal out here, doing the most. People in general hate me; that’s “MY LIFE STORY.” Feeling and knowing people’s perspective of me has changed me spiritually. I know there are “LOVING, RIGHTEOUS, GODLY PEOPLE” in this world, and I pray to encounter them daily. As for those sheep in wolves’ clothing, “THE DEVIL IS A LIAR.” I’m a fabulous, grateful child of God. I pray for a godly, righteous shift to manifest right now.

- S

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Dear Child of God, I stand with You and long for the Lord to ease Your pain with all my heart. Lord Jesus, please minister to S. Take away the chaos and influences that are not of You. Strengthen S by Your power and enable S to root out these roots of bitterness that have strangled the power of God in S. Holy Spirit will You soften the ground and plant Your seeds of the fruits and gifts in S today. May the fire of the Lord burn within S to release S from all that is bound to S. I pray that as S stands on Your Word S’ life will be transformed and S will no longer be the butt of the enemy’s lies. Lord, we know that the enemy is the father of lies and we stand before him with Your truth and say back off. We bring S to You and submit to You, knowing the truth that tells us submit to God, resist the devil and he WILL flee. Lord, be especially strong in S’ mind. You did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. Let S be submerged in Your holiness and Your Word, seeking Your kingdom and righteousness and let all Your blessing, far beyond what we can dream or imagine, start to happen in S’ life. Thank You for S and the assurance that S has of S’ identity in You as a child of Yours. May that identity cling and prove Your strength to S . Thank You for S. May S grow stronger in You every day and bring glory to Your Holy Name. Surround S with strong Christians to encourage and love and respect S. Amen.

5 days ago


I am praying for Jesus to comfort you in your mind body and spirit. Bring about a change in your situation and a complete healing. Amen

3 months ago


Read Emmett Fox
Praying for your protection and safety in your mind
Peace be with you

4 months ago


I think these these people cannot be Christians as they would not be saying bad things about you. You know you are a child of God. Stay away from these unkind people and ask God to lead you to Christians who will support and help you. I pray for a blessing in your life, to be full of kind, helpful people so that you can lead the life God has already prepared for you. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

4 months ago


S, sorry to hear that you have been so hurt by this world. I pray that the Lord would lead you to the loving fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ and that you would experience the power of the Holy Spirit to heal you spiritually from all you have been through – in Jesus’ name, Amen.

4 months ago


May the Lord bless you and may you feel His tender love for you. May you seek after God and may He protect you and keep you safe. May God’s precious love and awesome power be with you. May the blood of Jesus come between you and any attempts of the enemy or of others to keep you from becoming all that God has created you to be.
In Jesus’ name I pray

4 months ago


Dear S,
Do the “Alpha course” as soon as possible, (don’t make excuses), but ONLY where they include the Holy Spirit weekend.

-Russell (Australia)

4 months ago

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