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I’m in need of a God Fearing Partner

Added 4 months ago

I have been single for a long time, and I want to believe it’s not a curse. Everyone needs someone to talk to. I desire a husband, a God-fearing man who values me as a woman and knows that God comes first in his life. Throughout these years, I have been tested, meeting different kinds of people who would break me and are only interested in my body. I have witnessed that many people in this world are living in darkness, without fear of God, and only seeking to please their flesh. Yes, I may have sinned before by doing things that were not pleasing to God, but I have asked for forgiveness. I need someone by my side, someone I can pray with, someone who will not judge me. I am constantly declaring and praying every day that one day, someone will hold my hand and say, “Till death do us part, I am yours” in a Godly manner. Therefore, my prayer request is to meet that special man. I don’t know where he is, but I trust in the Lord that along the way, I will meet him, as I do not want to burn with passion or engage in wrongdoing in life.

- S

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Dear Child of God, I feel your longing for a partner who is walking with the Lord and lift You to Him. Lord Jesus, You see the longing in S’ heart for a man who walks with You. You know that feeling of needing someone walking alongside You as we read in the Gospels that You took the disciples with You to pray in Gethsemane. We lift to You today the deep longing of S. I pray especially that S will be able to look into Your eyes and see the passion and love that You have for her and arms that are open to her. May S have a fresh revelation of You and know that You have a mighty plan for her. Thank You for S’ desire to wait until You bring him into her life and not just seek to find anyone who will pay her attention. I pray that even now S’ husband to be is being prepared by You for an encounter with S. Lord, we never know when that meeting of souls will take place so I ask that S will be patient and in the meantime cling to You as her husband. Let S be immersed in her walk with You and see Your hand in her life. May this desire of her heart be fulfilled as she puts You first in her life. May she learn to be still in Your presence and seek first Your kingdom and righteousness. Thank You for her walk and dedication to You. Strengthen her for the plans that You have for her. May she glorify You in ministry and know Your voice guiding her. Bless her with Your anointing. In Your Name and for Your glory. Amen.

2 months ago


I pray that you will increase in faith and abound with joy. Peace will fill your soul as you walk with God. In Jesus name. He doesnt remember your past but is planning your future. ‘Be still, and know that I am God.

3 months ago


This is worth the watch:

4 months ago


Hi – Pray that your eyes will be open to him when you see him.
In my frustration 41 years ago I got down on my knees and begged God to
“Please send me a normal woman”. Two weeks later I saw her and knew instantly knew she was the girl. It was worth the wait. We married and are still blessed by that prayer and moment in time.
It sounds like you already know God’s timing is his own. Our longings bring us closer to our Lord.. I pray that in God’s infinite wisdom he’ll answer this prayer of yours; through fasting, our powerfu prayers or any way He desires.
May Father, Son and Holy Spoirit together with their love for you soon provide the union that only God can arrange.
God Bless you,

4 months ago


Dear S I too was in a similar situation to yourself and God answered my prayer by providing me with a Godly man. It’s God’s will for us to get married so he will honour your prayer. While you wait seek his face and praise him in advance that your prayers will be answered.

4 months ago


Dear S,
It was a joy to read your well-balanced, heartfelt desire for a “husband” (not a ‘partner’), and your obvious understanding that you must be “equally yoked”.
You could contact Derek Prince Ministries SA, (but the Australian website is very well presented), and access his teaching: “God is a matchmaker”, along with a wealth of other material.

Please consider the following ‘actions’ to show the Lord your determination and commitment to your objective, and your faith, trust and love towards Him:

•Prayer and fasting.
Consider a 3-day fast if possible (water only), or shorter if necessary, coupled with interspersed prayer.
This is a self-humbling process, (“humble yourself under God’s mighty hand . . . “).
Let the Lord know that, by this process, you are handing over to Him the finding of your husband. -The man of His choice for you.
While you are on the fast, make it as unobtrusive as possible, and don’t discuss it with others unless necessary.
•Start taking Holy Communion at home (as a normal part of your life). -consider daily, but be clear about the significance of it and how it affects you.
•If you have a spiritual language then use it frequently.

Thank the Lord that your man is on the way!
-That your hand will soon be warmed by his, and that you will hear the words that you long to hear.

-Russell (Australia).

4 months ago

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