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Save my soul

Added 4 weeks ago

I wanted wealth and to be popular and I was told to speak with someone. After speaking with them I read something about dedicating my soul, existence and signing with my blood. So I have not completed the Illuminati ritual as I have found out they believe in Lucifer. I want you to pray for me to leave the Illuminati and give my soul back to God. Please this is urgent.

I want to be back with Jesus Christ. Please help me and pray for me so I no longer belong to that group, and to be back with Jesus.

- A

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OH! This is a life-saving decision you made, with the help of the Holy Spirit. PRAISE GOD!!!! Get your bible, and PLEASE read these POWERFUL verses John 8:32, John 3:16 & James 4:7, Romans 8.

PLEASE understand from today on, that JESUS LOVES YOU SO SO much! Jesus bought your soul by offering His own soul for YOU! He Himself shed His blood on that cross, that YOU would NEVER ever shed yours for anything nor anyone!!!

If Jesus can offer Himself to die and rise again for you, surely He has the power to grant you (MORE THAN the wealth and popularity you need,) eternal life!
I stand against the power of the devil through the Illuminati rituals in Jesus’ mighty name. Today, you can make the choice to believe in Jesus Christ who died for the sins of ALL men, rose and is coming back again to take you home to live with your creator, eternally. Jesus is stretching out His hands. He is WAITING for you TODAY to return to Him. You belong to Jesus! He has heard your heart’s cry! He is waiting for YOU.

3 weeks ago

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