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Prayer for Salvation and Healing

Added 1 year ago

Pray for Salvation for L (my Dad).

Please pray for my father. He is 95 years old & in a Rest home. Pray that he is open to Christianity & accepts Jesus as his Lord & Saviour. Also, pray for healing for his short-term memory, and degeneration of his lower spine & heart.

- S

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Ethan Crawshaw

Dear Child of God, I stand with you in your prayers for L your Dad. Lord, thank You for S and the love between this child and Father. Thank You that S is holding out Your salvation to L. I pray that You will honour S’s desire to see L accept You as his Saviour and Lord. Thank You for L’s life and all it contains. May L reflect over his years and as S speaks of Your love and mercy may he bring to remembrance instances where You have shown Your love to him that he maybe put down to “coincidences” but now sees as Your benevolence and grace. Protect him and hold him in Your love and prepare his heart to receive You. Bless S mightily and May S know Your assurances and stand on Your Word. May S be bold in talking with L but may Your love shine through. Thank You that You created them both and filled them with the capacity to love and hold each other and share important things with each other. May they be blessing to each other. Lord, I also pray that L will experience Your healing for his body. Anoint him and cleanse him from his illness. We know that You heal as evidenced in Your Word. Please give L a touch from the King on his memory, lower spine and heart that will make even the doctors sit up and take notice. Surround them both with Your care and love and may there be more good days than bad. Be everything they need. For S I pray that S will cast all of the burdens and fears for the future upon You. You tell us that You hold our futures. You know the plans you have for us to prosper us and not to harm us to give us hope and a future. May L and S live in the assurance of a great future. For Your glory. Amen.

11 months ago


God bless your dear dad.May he have peace in his last days.In Jesus Holy Name.Amen.

1 year ago


Dear S, N.Z
Remember Titus3:5
“He saved us , not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His Mercy. He saved through the washing of rebirth & renewal by The Holy Spirit.

Your sis in Christ,
N, Australia

1 year ago


I pray, that Jesus who lights our way will shine a bright shaft of light into your father’s soul as you pray and believe for him and he will know great rest and Jesus name

1 year ago


Dear S, New Zeland in Christ
My hearty loving greetings to you in the name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am happy that you are desiring for the salvation of your dad ( and family). Ac5s 16:31 says Believe in Lord Jesus Christ you will be saved and your house. So trust . Have faith. Pray and hope. Lord will see you all and also blesses with goodhealth.

1 year ago


Hi. I’m 73 years old and believed in Jesus age 30. My dad was age 87 when he believed and died age 89.
Pray Matthew 16 verse 14 over your dad every day; “So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” Your dad is, like us all, a little one.
Finally, if you pray God’s Word over a situation, you’re praying His Will! His Will is revealed in His Word!
I look forward to meeting your dad in heaven.

1 year ago

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