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Place in me a new heart

Added 1 month ago

I have had anger issues as far back as l can remember. It has ruined so much of my life. I ask God to remove from me this heart of stone and replace it with one of flesh full of love patience and obedience. Please pray with me.

- H

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I so much understand your problem. I too have the same problem; my 2 daughters no longer speak to me, I have lost many friends, I am 61 years old and because of my stupid anger issues, I’ve just lost the love of my life. Because of it, I’ve waited over 50 years to meet him. He just couldn’t take it anymore, and now I am totally alone. I am praying for you that you don’t have to wait until you’re 61 years old to finally learn how to let stuff go. It’s just not worth being angry and makes you more miserable, hurting the people you love. I will pray for you and ask that toy please pray for me too! God can both help us both at the same time.
God-bless you and help to heal you.

1 month ago

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